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Thread: Best Library in Kolkata

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    Best Library in Kolkata

    Being a citizen in Kolkata, Iím not aware of the best library of the state, in school days I used to read a huge amount of magazines, social affair books but in my college days it was very busily scheduled working in morning and attending the classes in the evening, itís was too difficult to hit the library nearby my home too. Now I got a valuable job, I think my life will be settled within 2yrs, little bit relaxed and Iím keen to hit the best library in Kolkata.
    Could anyone suggest me the best library in Kolkata??????

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    The best Library in Kolkata is National Library of Kolkata, if you want to be a user you can get membership asking a query for the faculty of the library regarding membership online itself.
    The contact details of the library faculty are given in this page, visit the page and get acknowledged.


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    Hi! You may want to check out My Book Zone located at 73 , Flat No. 1b, 1ST Floor, Maharaja Tagore Road, Dhakuria, Kolkata Ė 700031, Ph: +(91)-(33)-40612286

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