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Thread: Astrologers in Kolkata

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    Astrologers in Kolkata

    I believe in astrology and I want to know about my future, please suggest me the best astrologer in Kolkata who can provide accurate predictions. And my details are 5th January 1991; I was born 12.20 am, Kolkata. If anyone know astrology please tell me about my futures if not please suggest me provide the address who can tell me the accurate predictions.

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    Hey I am not an Astrologer, but I was able to find a prediction of somebody which was shared in some website so I am sharing the same with you.

    Stars and planets are inanimate objects and have neither made you nor your destiny. Such faith has no logical or scientific basis. And contrary to popular belief, it is also against the teachings of religion. You will not find a single great religious teacher or Guru, cutting across various religions, who preached, practiced or advised on the basis of such faith or advised people to live on such basis. This faith is also not of Indian origin and that is why it was given the name “samudrik sastra” meaning coming to our land from beyond the sea. Instead, have faith on yourself and on God and God alone.

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    Hi! You may want to visit DR Surendra Kapoor located at 4/1/1a Binayak Bhavan 3RD Floor, Near Tara Sundari Park( Burrabazar Hukkah Patti), Prasad DEY Lane, Burrabazar, Kolkata – 700007, Ph: +(91)-9734522903

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