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Thread: Laser eye surgery hospital in Mumbai

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    Laser eye surgery hospital in Mumbai

    Hey guys,
    I am a college going gal, My eye power is low. I use glasses from my very young age now I donít want to use in any more even contact lens, so I have decided to undergo laser eye surgery and I want to know the best hospital to visit for the treatments please send me the address soon.

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    Hey Dont worry for these problems this is normal nowadays. And for the Laser surgery you can get it done in these places.

    Shroff Eye Hospital
    Vision Research Centre
    222, S. V. Road, Bandra (West), Next to old Bandra Talkies
    Mumbai 400 050. India
    Tel: (+91 - 22) 6692 1000
    Email: info@shroffeye.org

    Shroff Eye Hospital& LASIK Centre
    222, S. V. Road,
    Bandra (West),
    Next to Old Bandra Talkies,
    Backside of Shopperstop
    Mumbai 400 050. INDIA
    Tel: (+91 - 22) 6692 1000
    Fax: (+91 - 22) 6694 9880
    Email :safalashroff@lasikindia.in

    Rushabh Eye Hospital & Laser Centre
    'RUSHABH', 18th Road,
    Near Ambedkar Garden,
    Chembur, Mumbai-400071.
    Tel. No's : +91 22 2528 8623 / 2528 22 32
    Fax No's : +91 22 2529 4841
    Email : info@rushabheyehospital.com
    Website : www.rushabheyehospital.com

    Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
    Plot No. 153, Road No. 9, Major Parmeshwaran Road,
    Opp S.I.W.S. College Gate No. 3, Wadala, Mumbai 400 031. India.
    Tel (91 22) 2418 1001, 2417 7600. Fax: (91 22) 2417 7630.
    E-mail: ajeh@vsnl.com or ajehpatient@gmail.com

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    Hi! You may want to visit Millennium Hospital, Sector 40,Plot No 19, Opp Kokan Rail Vihar & Seawood Station, Palm Beach Road, New Bombay, Mumbai Ė 400705, Ph: +(91)-22-61613735

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    Laser eye surgery hospital in Mumbai

    Hi, I also had my lasik done recently. Before you go in for Lasik Surgery, you need to get a good eye doctor's opinion as well as run a few tests to see stuff like the surface of your eye etc. It was news for me that lasik is not for everyone and that there are many types of lasik. I had mine at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai. I got a bladeless and flapless surgery done there and would definitely recommend them. Whatever hospital you choose, make sure that you go in well informed about the latest that is available today.

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