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Thread: Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai

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    Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai

    My uncle,
    Can anyone suggest me best Orthopaedic surgeons in Mumbai?
    My uncle had a muscular displacement last year and it was minor when it happened, now the problem has risen to no bars and he is suffering from last Tuesday and I wanted to consult with an Orthopaedic surgeon to take a surgical or non surgical operation. So do reply soon.

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    The best Orthopaedic surgeons in Mumbai are shown in this reply post below.
    Care Clinic,
    Dr. Vishal Peshattiwar Crest Clinic,
    Dr. Sujit Korday - Orthopaedic Surgeon,
    Sushrut Clinic,
    Johari Nursing Home,
    Bhandari Clinic.

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