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Thread: Vastu/Feng shui Experts in Mumbai

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    Vastu/Feng shui Experts in Mumbai

    I would like to know some of the experts of Mumbai who deals with the Vastu/ Feng shui. I keenly looking forward to know the address or contact details of the experts. Reply me soon.

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    The experts in Vastu/Feng shui of Mumbai are listed here in this post.
    Dr Chandrakant M Pathak,
    Jyotish & Vastu Consultancy,
    Perfect Vastu Consultancy,
    R D Pala`s Destiny Solutions,
    Meghaa Chavaan.

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    bsp bsp bsp

    A few days ago I noticed that some of my images have been removed from the site. I did contact BSP but have had no reply as yet. As all the images show the Olympic rings, do these now infringe the logo rites? Is this something "new" as the images were on the site since last year.

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