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Thread: Summer Camps For My Child In Hyderabad

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    Summer Camps For My Child In Hyderabad

    Hi friends,
    Iíd send my kid, he is 11, to summer camps Rangmanch - The Dance and Fitness Studio, in Hyderabad, which takes kids of age 3-18. And Iíd paid about 4500 rupees, even though they charged high they didnít give a decent training or thought the kid which they promised that they will do in the camps. I was frustrated upon the management when I heard from my child when he was back to home. I want some clear view on this issue, are there any of them who has faced the same issue.

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    Hey man,
    Donít spread these kinds of false issues, it will ruin the reputations of the camps, also it will make others to neglect this camp, so please donít spread these issues, if you have got a direct issue then please go to the consent people and raise a query over there.

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    Mountain Meadow

    "Mountain Meadow is a premier overnight summer camp in California if you are looking for a diverse place to send your children. http://www.mountainmeadow.com/

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