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Thread: Gas Conversion Kits in Mumbai

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    Gas Conversion Kits in Mumbai

    What do you mean by Gas conversion kits?????????????
    For what purpose they are used in auto rickshaws?????????
    What do they do for this environment??????????
    I wanted to know the goods sellers in Mumbai, because my brother is willing to put this kits in his auto rickshaws which runs in Mumbai.

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    The Gas conversion kits (GCK) assure you safest & it is highly economical LPG Conversion Kits which are non-polluting in nature. GCK kits are mainly for vehicle which runs on Petrol, thereby ensuring pollution-free environment.
    They use durable Aluminium Alloy, which is suited best for automobiles, for making the body. Features of the LPG Conversion Kits include - easy start, uniform setting, easy cleaning system, leak proof and high mileage. Hope you would have cleared your doubt.

    The GCK sellers or convertors of Mumbai are listed here.
    Kohli Motors,
    Omkar Automobiles,
    Metro Motors Auto Division,
    National Garage Private Limited,
    Suraj Auto LPG,
    Sanghi Organization,
    Vitesse Limited.

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