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Thread: sony handycam prices in Kolkata

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    sony handycam prices in Kolkata


    I want to buy sony handy camera I don't have any knowledge of it can any one guide me please with the price so it will help a lot to purchase it

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    it is not the exact price I t will some differences but still I would like give you an idea of price of sony handy camera

    Sony DCR-SX44E Handycam Price Rs.14,990
    Sony HDR-TG1E Handycam Price Rs.39,990
    Sony Hony DCR-SR47E Handycam Price Rs.23,990
    Sony HDR-XR500E Handycam Price Rs.49,990
    Sony HDR-XR150E Handycam Price Rs.39,990
    Sony HDR-XR550E Handycam Price Rs.59,990

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    Tdk Mini DVD-RW - 1.4gb 30 Min For Handycam - Rs. 525
    Sony Blank Mini DVD Rw 60 Min 2.8 GB DVD Handycam 8cm - Rs. 249
    Sony Dcr-sx44 Handycam - Rs. 14575
    Sony HDR-PJ50E Handycam - Rs. 57989
    Sony HDR-PJ50E Handycam - Rs. 58799
    Sony DCR-PJ5E Handycam - Rs. 18099
    Sony Camcorder DCR Sr68 Handycam - Rs. 19300
    Sony Handycam Dcr-sr47e Camcorder SR47 - Rs. 22750
    Sony DCR Sr68 Handycam - Rs. 16025
    Sony Nex-5k/b Digital Handycam - Rs. 34890
    Sony Dcr-xr150e Handycam 120gb - Rs. 39990
    Sony Dcr-sr68e/s Handycam 80GB - Rs. 19990
    Sony Dcr-sx44e/r 4GB Handycam - Rs. 14990
    Sony HDR -PJ50 Handycam - Rs. 59500
    Sony HDR-XR160E Black Handycam - Rs. 39500

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