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Thread: How to Get a Voter ID Card in Kolkata

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    How to Get a Voter ID Card in Kolkata


    I am Shubhrota My home town is Kolkata, I born here but bought up and studies everything is in Mumbai.. But now I need to apply for voter id I dono how.. all friends are telling that I can apply for voter id when the elections occurs please guide me..

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    Hi Shubhroto Voterís card is mandatory like the ration card to prove your identity. the voter id is mandatory for your identification.. Ana also its useful in many way for documentary..

    For the rules and regulations. And also you need xerox copy of ration card, and telephone bill or electricity bill copy, and take them to a RTI office there you can subbmit all the copies and All the inmates of the family who want to obtain voter card must be present at the camp, where the voters are photographed and individual voter card is issued instantly.

    Hope this information works for you...

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