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Thread: Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Centres in Hyderabad

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    Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Centres in Hyderabad


    I want to take my mother in law for eye surgery for her left eye & I would like go for lasik laser treatment I would like to know the best surgery centers with address so I can go with the further details

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    I would like to give the best address which I have taken my dad to this surgery it is perfect well experienced daughters

    Rajesh Villa, 1st
    Floor, 5-9-29/40/2,
    Opp. Hyderabad
    Nursing Home, Basheer Bagh,
    Hyderabad 500 063.
    (040) 66364808, 23220337

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    Lasik is performed in Hyderabad in the following places. Please check these links for more info: http://www.maxivisionindia.com/,

    Lawrence and Mayo

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    lasik at hyderabad

    hi friends ..
    i am going to take lasik at maxivision at hyderabad.,.
    i have -7 and -8 power and also 1.5 cylindrical power for both eyes.,.
    the mam who checks eye power for me told that one of my eye had 6/9 sight.,.,
    so she said that i canít get a perfect clarity for that even after lasik.,.,
    Is it correct for me to go to LASIK with 6/6(left) and 6/9(right) eye sight.,.,
    Will 6/9 (with -8 minus power) of one eye can be corrected to 6/6 ( without any minus power) through LASIK ?

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