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Thread: Fish Aquarium Shops in Kolkata

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    Fish Aquarium Shops in Kolkata

    I am planning to get an Angler fish and I need the address so the outlet stores who sell the fish sell this fish please send me the address of the out the address of the Fish Aquarium Shops in Kolkata. I need the address in two more days this is a very special gift for my brother for his bíday.

    Iíll be waiting for the address and thanks in advance.

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    Hey I know a store that can get you the fish you wanted and the address and the website link is given below. And if you donít find the fish in the store you can order the fish and they can get you.

    The Pet Shop

    No.9, Roy Bahadur Road.
    Behala. Kolkata- 700034
    Email: petshop.inkolkata@gmail.com
    Mobile: 9831235653
    Website: www.petshopinkolkata.com/

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