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Thread: Unwanted Facial Hair in Women

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    Intersting yet embarrasing topic but there is new treatment available which is US-FDA approved called Elyn Cream (Eflornithine Cream) which retards the growth of unwanted facial hair in women. When used alone Elyn Cream retards the growth in 8 weeks so that frequency of waxing, tweezing, shaving gets reduced. It works very well with lasers also.

    Mind you all its NOT A DEPILATORY CREAM like ANN FRENCH or VEET

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    But I like bearded women! :cool:

    True it's really embarrassing, a friend of mine for instance (hope she will never read this post!) was really uncomfortable with this problem but she is using a cream that works very well. Now she is more attractive and she feels better! I think she is using this cream but I'm not sure I'll try to ask her!

    If it's US-FDA approved it must be a good product

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    Yes, my friend uses Elyn Cream

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    Hello jetlee

    Can you suggest me good cream or gel for hair.

    My hair is falling day by day !


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    I have read abt Intense Pulse Light(IPL) Therapy that is used for hair removal. But I have no idea about the clinics that provide this facility.
    I would like to know further about this therapy and the clinics in mumbai.

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    Hello Ria

    Here is a address of hair removal clinics in Mumbai.

    Sanche Clinic
    No.305, Golden Chamber, Linking Road, Opp.Citi Mall, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 053. Tel : 26323434 E-Mail : [email]mumbai@sancheclinic.com[/email]

    Bye !

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    Excucez moi .Where do we get this Elyn cream?of which brand is it?

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    Elyn cream is from Ajanta Pharma. You can get it at your local chemist. It is a precription drug so you have to go to your dermatologist first.


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    i think facial hair has become quite a common problem these days. . According to a study made in the US, Recipes comprising maida (fine flour) add to this problem. Yes, excess intake of maida is one cause to this problem. Apart from this, hormonal disbalance and pollution are the other causes of facial hair in women.. One should not use creams etc without consulting doctors. Not dermatologists, you need to ask gynacologists for this problem..

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    hi all

    frst of all consult ur doctor abt this .... the cause of unwanted hairs shd be exc;uded first ....

    usually there are few gynaecological problems which causes this unwanted hairs in pregnancy ... so dont neglect it ... and dont try ur own for hair removal things ...

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