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Thread: Passport status Mumbai

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    Passport status Mumbai

    Iíve applied for passport 2 months ago, still now Iíve not yet received any sort of acknowledgement from the passport office, in curiosity I would like to know the passport status, how can I know the passport status, in Mumbai.

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    The passport status is verified or known by telephonic enquiry, or in person. But the best way is to mail or go in person, since if you can they would not respond well so itís very important to be enquired in person or via mail.
    Tel: 022- 24931731
    Fax: 022- 24935275
    E-mail: rpo.mumbai@mea.gov.in
    Tele-enquiry: 022-24965555
    Web-site: https://passport.gov.in/

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