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Thread: Best Post Graduate College in Hyderabad

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    Best Post Graduate College in Hyderabad

    Hey guys,
    Iíve done B.Sc Physics, and Iím planning to do B.Ed but my father said to pursue a PG degree, in any of the best PG College in Hyderabad. Iíve an aggregate of 69% in my UG and does it make a sense to pursue a master degree in computer science, i.e. in M.Sc Computers. Suggest me, and also get me some of the best PG colleges of Hyderabad, it would be very helpful for me.

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    To my knowledge, the best way is to pursue the PG degree as your dad said, this is my opinion.
    The best PG colleges in Hyderabad are listed below.

    1. Aristotel Post Graduate College
    2. Aurora Degree College
    3. Holy Mother P. G. College
    4. Jagruthi Post graduation College
    5. Post-Graduate College (PGC)
    6. Post-Graduate College Of Science
    7. Princeton PG College
    8. St. Annís College For Degree
    9. St. Patrick's PG College
    10. Wesley P. G. College

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