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Thread: What do you prefer on Sundays?

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    What do you prefer on Sundays?

    What do you prefer to do on Sundays? Watching movie, Sitting Idle, Reading books or ???

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    I like to Watch Movies Online and Enjoy with Friends...

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    I like to roam out, have kitty party, call friends to home and have fun, prepare dishes by own

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    Cool What do you prefer on Sundays?

    Watching movie is a great experience.There are series of latest and old best movies that inspires us to watch on and on. The Sound of Music, The Dark Knight Gladiator, The Lion King and ‘Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ are some best in English version. So i really like to spend my Sundays with movies.I always love to watch movies on Star world. This is best entertainment channel.

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    Sunday i like to watch hollywood action movie because i'm big fan of the hollywood movies..

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    Let me tell about my Interesting schedule on Sunday

    Firstly, I wake up around 10.30AM and have bed coffee, after that I take bath get ready trimly and have my breakfast… following breakfast I take TV remote in my hand and keep tuning all interesting channels to watch special programs, I watch till 1.30 and after that I take my bike and go to my regular Friends gathering place (addaaa); we will chit chat for half an hour there and we all together give a move to nearest theater and watch movie, after theater agenda, we go have lunch together around 6pm and start roaming commercial areas for window shopping till 9.00pm– 9.30pm. Finally reach home around 10pm have great fun with my family members during dinner and close my eyes by listening different goners of music…

    I conclude saying, I give much preference for roaming on Sundays!!

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