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Thread: How to Decorate a Teenage Girls Room

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    hello friends

    Can anyone suggest me about how to decorate a teenage girl's room like furniture, color, mirror, and other things?

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    Hello khulbe

    You can check the following tips.

    1. First decide about furniture like bed, book shelf, chair and table. But not to be too crowded. All furniture must be good quality and comfortable.

    2. Ask her for their favorite color and brought a fantastic color, get painting.

    3. Go of horizontal mirror and hangers.

    4. Decorate room with posters or small good looking banner (may be her favorite).

    5. Place some good knobs to hang dress etc.

    Enjoy! !

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    I personally feel that if ur daughter is a teenager you should let her decide for herself
    how she wants her room decorated...

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    You could use this opportunity to let your daughter make her own decisions. It is important to let kids decide for themselves, she will learn what she likes and does not like. A very important process towards child hood development.

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    Let the daughter make her own desings and you can always lend a helping hand. Give ideas and suggestions and also take hers. This will help in bonding between the two of you and your daughter can learn a thing or two about decision making.

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    Let her decide on her own,you may give suggestions.

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    to decorate a teenage girls room..you should neither use vary bright colors...as it will give a kiddish look to the room, nor you should use very dull shades...use colors like dark shades of pink...purple or mouve,..these colors make the room look girlish..
    also...curtains give a finishing look to the room...use plain...or curtains with stripes...and avoid using printed ones.

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