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Thread: Office Crush Should I or Should She

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    Hello friends!!

    I am a 22 something male working in Delhi. The small problem that I have is I have a crush on one of my colleagues I think (Rather Hope ;) ) that she feels the same way about me.

    Now, I am wondering being a male should i approach her regarding this matter or wait till I have a strong hint from her side that she is definitely interested in me. My usual nature suggests to go ahead with the same and let's see what happens but on the other side I am worried what would happen if I am wrong (After all we are working in the same office).

    Friends any advise would be highly appreciated..........

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    Acc. to me you should behave friendly with her. Assure her that you are a really neice cool and caring person. Then, Things will go smooth. Im pretty sure about that . Do tell me wat happened. Friendship is a key to Love. remember Kuch kuch Hota Hai.

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    Hi Rimpif,

    Seems like you are the only one who can suggest some option. But what if I already am her friend ?? What if she is just my friend and does not feel the way I do ??

    At least I should be aware that I would not lose a friend just because I had a feeling that she likes me????

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    He He He,seems like you are in deep trouble dude tell you what yaar. One thing that I can not understand is that what is the problem with the girls why can't they step ahead and do something about their crushes why does it always have to be a boy

    I suggest that you give it a shot otherwise you would never know how she feels for you

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    Friendship & love are two seperate things. You have got friendship and now interested for love.Love absolutely depends upon the other party.Therefore watch,about her reaction while you are alone with her,her responses to your intimate behaviour,
    try to know her family pattern & problems-if any.Such type of activities will allow you to be her best friend-try to be it.This will boost up you as her best friend.To be 'one of the best friend' is the next step,towards love.The next step is-to be the 'only best friend'.
    Wish you success in your goal.

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    If somebody truly having wholehearted love affair; but acting like a friend in front is actually considered as absurd……. As well expecting more and being possessive is bad way of adoring, so no matter who ever having this kind of filthy thoughts must change over their character right away; else they will have chances of facing huge problem in future while having eternal relationship.

    I conclude my words by telling that, if you love somebody truly go propose but don’t expect positive reaction at first attempt…..

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