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Thread: Treating Nicotine Addiction in Teenagers

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    Hello friends

    My son is an addict of taking nicotine. It gives a bad effects on his body. He is falling weak day by day. I am very worry about his health and fitness. Can anyone suggest me how to treat with nicotine addicted teenagers?

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    We are highly considerate about your sons health. Dont worry and my supreme advise to you is that that u should go directly to the doctor and get his check up done. After that follow what he says strictly and keep a spy on your son tha he should not follow the wrong path again. Dont worry everything will be O.K.

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    check in rehab or consult a doctor. Instead, start detoxing your son. I know it works!!

    Don't worry God will help you.

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    I would suggest you immediatly seek the help of a professional like in a rehab or a psychologist. They are well-versed with handling teens addicted to nicotine and know how to get them off the habit. Be strict but be supportive for him. He needs your trust and support now more than anything else.

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    pls seek professional help

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    Hi,Quitting smoking is not a hard task now. There are various ways to quit smoking like medical treatment, artificial aids, hypnosis and other aids, etc. It gives immediate as well as long-term benefits. Visit this site:[url]http://smokingharms.com/where[/url] I acquired a lot of information about quitting smoking.

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    The foremost choice should be rehab & treatment plan, if he is much into it and going weak day by day. Find out the treatment center near your area, as nicotine is considered the number one entrance drug into other substance abuse problems. Research shows that teens between 13 and 17 years of age who smoke daily are more likely to use other drug substances. So its better to get treatment and control at early before going worst.
    For more informational article on the teen smoking, read it here: [url]http://www.teendrugabuse.us/teensmoking.html[/url]

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    nicotine addiction in teenagers

    Teens that take up smoking do not just risk hurting their own physical health, but they also stand a chance to hurt those around them. Your smoking problem as a teen can physically harm those that are exposed to your lifestyle choice daily. Second hand smoke is a danger and can lead to alienation for the smoker, especially now that smoking bans in public places are in place. Teens who smoke may find friends less likely to hang around or lose the respect of family members. If you need some help to kick the habit, There may be a tobacco treatment center near you. Go check it out.


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    Experts say that without any help just one of three smokers trying to quit, a survey showed that only 30 percent of smokers manage to endure two days without a cigarette.

    Without professional help, only three percent are cured the first time, half succeeds in its intention, but from five to seven attempts within five to ten years.

    Therefore, seek professional help

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    How treat nicotine addicts

    Dear sir,

    The most important thing you should know about addiction that it is a a diease that needs to be treated.An addict needs to be taken care of and guided out of addiction. You should take you son to a de-addiction center where they will treat him through counselling. There are many de-addiction centers in India today.

    Incase you need help finding the de-addiction centers please visit docsuggest.com, they will help you find the right counsellors.

    Hope this helps

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