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Thread: Iam in love with an Indian girl

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    I would like to get opinions of how to attract an indian girl - we are in the same school and Iam madly in love with her. We kind of talk alot after the break but would like to know if she is interested in me .

    Before we became familiar to each other, she has always been staring at me with big eyes. I remember that our eyes met on several times....??? What does that mean from an Indian girl. Any ideas?

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    Zero how abt asking her on a date.... usually works for most ppl & they worst thing she cus say is no...
    so wot you wont die if she does.... I can understand that u totally "in love" wif this girl... but u shudnt make her like you...

    get my drift

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    yes zero, say her which ur heart say and that is love, i think she herself wil feel restles and excited.

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    Hi Zero!
    It is good that you are in love. I want to tell you few things about Indian girls.. Indian girls are smarter, sensitive and emotional. First of ask yourself that will you be with her in her life forever? Now her looks and behavior might impress you but what if her behavior changes all of the sudden? Will you leave her for such reasons?
    If you can promise this then you can go ahead with your relationship.
    Confirm that whether she too has the same feelings similar to you. To confirm this, talk to other girls and slowly stop talking to her. See her reaction. If she comes and ask you about this, then say that what is there to talk to you and act in front of her as if you donít have any feeling for her.. If she get jealous of you then it is confirmed that she has soft corner for you.. then you can express your feelings to her..

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