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Thread: Diet Chart For 13-months Old Child

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    Please guide me what healthy diet should be provided to 13 months old boy?

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    hello himandeq

    u can give him bread, rice, fruits and vegetables

    if you are non vegetarian, then u can also go for meat, fish, liver oil.

    Balance diet is necessary to him which contains all the nutrients. Milk, Dals and beans, soyabeens have the rich source of proteins.

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    My 13 yr old baby girl does not feel like eating any thing.. please give me some ideas to make her eat food.

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    I think you should try to explore the taste buds of your child.

    try all kinds of vegetables and dals with following options

    with salt / without salt
    with ghee / without ghee
    with butter / without butter
    sweet vs sour
    boiled vs baked vs fried

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