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Thread: Adolescence problem

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    My son is tall and heavily built and studies in Standard 8th. He still wants me to kiss at his forehead when he leaves for school and still slip his head on my lap. He is very much childish in nature. Being a mother, I wanted him to be independent and shrug off this behaviour. My question is how should I handle it?

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    Dear Pritam,

    Let me tell u that a student studying in 8th class is not an adult. Adolescence is only achieved after crossing 17 or 18 yrs of age. This is a natural process of fondling in this age. He would realise all these things whenever he attains his adolescence. He will also become independent at that time. And if u really take care of him, u should be acceptable to such habits at all the ages. After all, whatever be the age of son, they r always child for parents.

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    This is perfectly natural for the esetedben time will solve. Otherwise, if you have questions such attention recommend this book. It is important to you find everything about you. hXXp://konyv-konyvek.hu/a_serdules_gyotrelmei_mar_nem_gyerek_meg_nem_felnott

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    The most effective way for you child to learn independence is to send him to <a href = "http://www.troubledteens.com/featured-program.html">boarding school</a>. He will surely learn it deeply there. He will also become responsible and well disciplined. I got this through my experience.
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