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Thread: I want to learn American accent as i'm working in an american multinational.

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    Smile I want to learn American accent as i'm working in an american multinational.

    Hi, I'm looking for American accent training in Mumbai as i'm working in an American multinational and want to avoid confusions understanding Americans.Many times it happens that i have to ask these Americans to repeat themselves and often i'm asked to do the same.So please suggest me some good institutes...


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    american accent

    i think u should watch videos on you tube or in other resources..

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    Cool American accent training..

    Hey Tnx Prash...I contacted highrise academy and Abhishek Sharma ,this guy is really a super trainer for American accent and other things to...I finally joined it....Economical too...tnx man...

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    American voice and accent training.

    Yes..Prasad , you are right.Abhishek sharma is a highly qualified Voice and accent trainer for bothe American accent and neutral accent.He also provides training for public speaking and Spoken English .Its just Rs 7,000 along with the most effective practice material.The best part is the training is given in both online and personal forms.I took this training from him 1 year ago and the experience was wonderful.Its the best.Those of you looking for good trainers for all these courses,highrise academy would be a better option..
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