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Thread: Why is the wedding ring worn on the fourth finger?

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    Why should the wedding ring be worn on the fourth finger?

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    cause it is a smallest one and diameter of the finger is also small......... ha ha ha ......... its jokes yaar........

    i think it is one of our wedding tradition.........

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    to know the reason why it is worn on fourth finger just check my site [url]www.com[/url] and there in love and romance category u can find an article on it and then u will know logic behind this

    Mr shv11jar,

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    Listen to me you dipshit. The question was posed on this site. Why don’t you go to your god dam website read it out loud and then report it here? That is how this it is suppose to work, any questions?

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    Fine, the medical reason why ring is worn in the forth finger from right and the third finger of the left hand is because this veins blood directly run towards the heart, whereas other veins surpass different way to reach heart….

    For this as a reason, mostly wedding couple put ring on fourth finger (Ring Finger) to build eternal love and affection……

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