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Thread: Travelling to UK

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    Hello All,

    I am travelling to UK on an a tong term assignment from my company.
    I will be staying in Norwich.
    How is this place?
    My wife is posted in London. How far is London from Norwich.
    I we have to stay together and travel everyday what is the place that could be best so that we dont have to travel for long to our respective places

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    The drive distance between London County Hall to NOrwich is 190 Km. and usually take 2Hrs and 17mins.
    Norwich was the eighth most prosperous shopping destination in the UK in 2006. Norwich has an ancient market place, established by the Normans between 1071 and 1074, which is today the largest six-days-a-week open-air market in England.
    Over all Norwich is tolerent to incomers and is a very ideal place for people who do not like busy city life.

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    I think Cambridge will be the best place to stay for both of you. It lies almost halfway between London and Norwich.

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    I think latika is right.. cambridge would be suitable for both of you.

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    can any one tell me the procedure to apply for a passport ::

    i am a under graduate but i have completed my 10th & 12th
    and i have complete documents....
    and i am working for this company
    and company is sending me to uk for few months
    and my visit is strictly professional....

    then can i apply for a passport?
    and which kind of passport???
    and wat is the procedure to apply???
    do i need to have ECNR ???
    can i apply 4 passport on the bases of my 10 & 12 certificates and on the bases to that can i go on this official trip....
    :-S :-S

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    hi, you can try applying for a visa by approaching the UK embassy...you could try a visa processing agency like vfs global if you want to run around less... you will need certain documents for applying for a UK visa. By visiting the websites of the embassy or a visa agency, you will be guided through the entire visa application process... most of the information is given as to - how to apply, which documents are required, the various procedures and all...take a look at the sites.

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    hi this is Goutham having 4 years of mainframe testing exp.

    want to work in Uk ,

    MY MAIL ID: [email]gouthammainframe@gmail.com[/email]

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    The distance is 115 mile London from Norwich... 2 and half hr by car..

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    I was in Liverpool last year and it is a horrible place if you are not from there. I was mugged and a group of 4 guys stole everything. I was carrying my Samsonite backpack and Suitcase. When I told my friend what happened. He told me to sush as the people who might have done it wore thugs and I need not rub them the wrong way. It was a horrible experience.

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