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Thread: Can you help me find a girl

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    Hi all
    My last post was deleted, I do not know why.
    but i think because it contain a link to external web forum. they should send a email if your post is being deleted. no pm facility is also provided.

    any way i am posting it again. this time no external link. but if there is other reason that i expected then they must inform me before deleting my topic. every we as users have some rights.

    if they have send me mail indicating or asked me to modify, it would have better because i do not remember now what i have written. but anyways...

    today i met a girl on auto and i felt that i find my soul mate. but i did not got her number..
    I know my friends will help me to find her. you tell your friends and eventually she will get my message.
    you can send me your mail ids so i can send you a mail that you can forward to your friends in noida.

    I was staying with my friend Kapil at rohtak. In the morning i have to come to nodia at my office. I wake up at 6 and we were at jind bypass at 6:30. the bus coming from jind to delhi did not stopped at bypass. We had bike, so i followed the bus to the busstand, but when we reached there, the bus had left the rohtak bus stand. We were late by 30 secs only. to this my friend told me that something good will happen.
    everything happening for some good reason.

    I got a bus to delhi which was going agra.
    Normally i reach delhi at kasmiri gate and i have to get noida bus from there. Noida bus take lot of time(1.5hr) to reach destination.

    In bus i learned that bus was going to agra and i can left it at kale khan, from where i can get bust to noida which will save my time (about 25 min).

    at Kale khan, every bus coming was crowded and there were lot of commuters. so it was hard to catch any bus. I was thinking of alternative: auto, but it is very costly. so i started search for someone who can share the fare of auto.

    There were two girls standing, and looking for same kind of solution(I learning that from their expressions). So I asked them to share the auto fare with me. They agreed and now i started to look for auto. but it came out that finding auto is also difficult. somehow I managed one auto.

    during the journey, i came to know that they were IT people.
    The conclusion between their talk is:
    1. one girl was doing training in software testing. I may be from kurukshetra and thinking of doing Phd. also looking forward to work in oracle company. She may have done pg.
    2. second girl was in software development in some company. she was senior to first girl.
    3. they were working in noida may be in sec 55,56,57,58.
    4. I do not know if they were staying at noida or not.

    I left the auto at sector 11.

    during the journey i realized that she is one i was looking for so long time. because i am shy and i do not have any girlfriend. I was waiting for the soul mate for so long time. My heart filled with joy and i did not realized when the journey has completed.

    I am too shy to ask her mobile number. Now i want to find her but do not know where. Can you help me find her.

    just forward this mail to everyone whom you know, so that finally it reaches to her. I know that if you will forward this mail to all your friends, I will find her. do you believe in love at first sight?

    To her:
    did you have the same feeling. I have seen it in your eyes.
    if you remember me, please contact me soon. at least send me a mail what you feel about me. so that i can stop my search.

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    WTF Listen to me Dude when she finds out ,what a whack job you are, she is going to want you to stop your search. Get a grip, get hold of yourself. There are plenty of fish. It’s not the end of the world

    And also get a life

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    This approach is silly; but still I can understand your feelings…..
    Now no other go, you must forget that female and look for better life partner who stays nearby or some known feminine, not like the previous but stop girl…..

    According to me first sight love is not a love at all; it is just a lust and attraction….

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