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Thread: Specialty cheese shops in mumbai

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    I am looking for a place in mumbai (not suburbs if possible) that sells parmesan cheese (parmigiano reggiano), asiago, ricotta, munster, cream cheese?...

    I have been to big bazaar, and a couple local groceries, but the best options I can get are block, processed cheese, or singles processed cheese. Or, of course, the lovable paneer. Although paneer is delicious, it does not substitute for the others. The local grocery has some foreign cheese in stock every once in a while, but never any of the above cheeses, and never consistently.

    Is there a specialty cheese shop in mumbai somewhere? I am looking for VARIETY, esp with Italian cheese options.

    I figure if it is available in restaurants, its gotta be for sale somewhere around here.

    Looking forward to your cheesey response. Ha ha.


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    hi have you tried at the mahatma phule market near crawford market... it sells everything.... i even bought authentic italian pasta from there.

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    Thanks for the response. Yeah, I've been there, and they have a ton of stuff. I could get the bottled parmesan from there which was nice.

    However, they don't have any fresh cheeses really. The closest I've come recently is the breech candy market, there's a store under premsons which usually has a jared variety of feta.

    Any other place suggestions for large variety of cheeses?


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    Hi. Did you have any luck finding the cheeses you were looking for? Let me know if you do. Cheers.

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    Nope, no luck as of yet....

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    Dear Friends,

    I am looking forward to open an all Italian eatry in India, and I was woundering where I can find speciality cheeses on whole sale rate with consistacy, here I find this link and giving a mail shot, hope my i will get lucky. I am looking for freah Mozarella, Ricota, Feta, etc and etc,


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    Good luck with finding the cheeses, as I have not been able to find my dream cheese shop yet. Over the year, the shops that I frequent have started carrying more brands, we have ricotta and feta for now, but it is still not consistent.

    Since you are actually looking to open up your own place, you may be better off contacting hotel restaurants to see where they get their nice supply of cheeses from.

    When are you thinking of opening up shop, and of course the biggest question....
    Real Italian food (Y)
    Indianized Italian food

    Stay true.


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    Hey! There's a place called Sante's at pali naka, Bandra. I knw it has fresh parmesan, gorgonzola n many more cheeses. Hypercity in malad as well as Gourmet city on top floor of Shoppers stop at inorbit have a variety of speciality cheese too. None of these places have cream cheese thoe..Im lookin for a place with cream cheese. If u find it anywer plz let me knw..Thanks. Hope this information helps!

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    There are three that I know of:

    (Next to Mark's)
    Pali Hill

    Royal Impex
    10, Rizvi House, Hill Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai
    Phone 32944608

    Royal Impex
    #2, Kamdhenu Shopping Centre
    Opp. Food Inn, Lokhandwala Complex
    Lokhandwala, Andheri (W), Mumbai

    Phone 26396413

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    There's also Impero Cheese. They have bocconcini, mozzarella, scamorza, sour cream, mascarpone, pizza cheese, ricotta... All made in India (so not too expensive), but tasting truly Italian. You can find the shops which sell their products in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune on their website [url]http://www.exitogourmet.com[/url]

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    I just saw people talking about cheese and couldn't resist.I am a big time wine lover and whenever I hear or see cheese, wine comes to my mind because cheese is the best company for wine.If you like cheese,then I would suggest you to try having it with some wine,preferably Sula's Dindori Reserve Shiraz (my favourite) and I am sure you'll love the taste.

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    Trust me you guys haven't seen anything yet. In pune there is this place called ABC Farms. It is well known for the restaurants it houses as well as the farm products. check this link. [url]http://www.abcfarmsindia.com/[/url]

    They ship once a week to Andheri some place (You can call and take details). Check their inventory you guys are seriously gonna flip.

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    wow,, glad to find so many cheese lovers in mumbai..
    i've been wanting to make Tiramisu at home but haven't been able to find out a place to buy Mascarpone yet !! will check out the places some of u suggested in bandra..
    Hypercity does some decent variety of cheeses..
    Also, someone mentioned ABC Cheese farms.. i have been there to see the factory where they also hav a restaurant.. it is a place worth visiting and does some amazing home made cheeses.. loved their Parmesan

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    Hi, anybody can suggest me where i can get sour cream in mumbai specially suburbs.....Or anybody can tell substitute of sour cream for chocolate cake...

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    Cool sour cream

    u can find dorritos sour cream in crawford market...

    An Alternative cud b:

    For baking: 1 cup yogurt plus 1 teaspoon baking soda.
    remember yogurt is thinner in texture so first thicken by draining frm a cheese-cloth n then allowin it 2 rest 2 30minutes in the refrigerator...

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    Organic cheese

    Hi ppl,

    An organic store called Naturally Yours has some amazing range of organic cheese ranging from feta, emmenthal, edam etc. You could try them out. Their website is www.satvika.in

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    Here are some best specialty cheesy shops available in Mumbai listed for you. Take a look.

    Punjab Sind Dairy
    50 A, Kamdhenu Shopping Centre,
    1st Cross Lane, Lokhandwala, Andheri (W),
    Lokhandwala (Andheri), Andheri West , Mumbai
    66921600, 26344413

    AP Mani Daily Fresh Vegetables
    Shop No 12, 13, 14, Jai Kisan Mandal,
    Chembur (E) , Mumbai
    67974346, 25299911, 25232947

    Saurash Dairy Products Pvt Ltd
    103, 1st Floor, Eastern Court,
    Jn Of Tejpal Parleshwar Road,
    Vile Parle East , Mumbai
    26100158, 30978023, 9322338953, 26131637

    Rashmin Sweets And Raj Dairy Products
    11 Jignesh Diamond House, Subhash Lane,
    Daftary Road, Malad East , Mumbai
    28819969, 28838059, 9323997059

    Dairy Land Products
    Shop No 5 , Hari Niwas Building,
    Dr Ambedkar Road, Lalbaug, Parel, Mumbai
    24713583, 24713584

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