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Thread: Pre-school program

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    Pre-school program

    Hi parents, I am trying to get my daughter into a pre-school program.. I need some suggestions for pre-schools that prepare kids for formal schooling.. My daughter is too cranky, at home and also does get comfortable with new people easily… I want her to be with kids of her age.. She is almost 3 now.. I know it's too late for a preschool but it is a must that all children must attend preschool.. So if any of you parents could share their suggestions on preschools in Indore!

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    Preschool Programme

    Hi, You can look for EuroKids International. They have franchisees all over.. This preschool brand is known internationally. Moreover the activities for children are also amazing. Infact when I got my child admitted to EuroKids International, she was also very shy.. But gradually, she started socializing and getting adjusted with new people.. I'm sure your daughter will also overcome her shyness once she starts going to a preschool!

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