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Thread: Thiruvannamalai Deepam Dates For 2011

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    Thiruvannamalai Deepam Dates For 2011

    Hi Friends..

    I would like to share a few information on Thiruvannamalai Deepam, Most of the people knows whats Deepam, Many festivals are celebrated at Arunachaleswarar temple in Tiruvannamalai throughout the year. Among them Karthigai Deepam is the most significant festival that is celebrated with pomp and gaiety at Arunachaleswarar temple.In this year Karthikaithats (November end)

    This year Thiruvannamalai Maha Karthigai Deepam Festival - 2011 is on 8th December 2011 which starts from

    The first day (29.11.2011) Karthika Deepam festival begins with the hosting of the flag signifying the commencement of the festival also known as Dwajaroghanam.

    The second day (30.11.2011) Karthigai Deepam festival commences with the Lord Panchamurthigal coming on Indira Vimanam the chariot of Lord Indira.

    The third day (1.12.2011) Karthigai Deepam festival the ceremony begins at night with the Lord Panchamurthigal coming in procession majestically on the Simha vahana, the chariot of lion.

    The fifth day (3.12.2011) Karthikai Deepam festival begins at night. This procession on the silver rishaba vahanam is very appealing and splendid to witness.

    The sixth day (4.12.2011) Karthigai Deepam festival commences with a night procession of Lord Panchamurthigal on the silver chariot that is beautifully crafted and simply imposing when it comes around the temple.

    The eight day (6.12.2011) Karthigai Deepam festival begins at night with the Lord Panchamurthigal going out on procession on the huge horse vahana. The speciality of this horse is that all the four legs of this horse are in the air and they do not touch the ground.

    On the ninth day (7.12.2011) of Karthigai Deepam festival the devotees can witness Lord Panchamurthigal going out procession on the Kailasa Vahanam. This ceremony is mostly conducted on the ninth night.

    The tenth day (8.12.2011) Karthigai Deepam festival starts at around four o clock in the early hours and the Bharani Deepam is lit at the temple.

    Hope this information is useful those who celebrates this festival...

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    Thiruvannamalai Deepam is on 8th November 2011that is on Karthigai Deepam. This festival is celebrated by Tamil people in the Tamil month of Karthigai. In Thiruvannamalai the mahadeepam is lit in the evening around 6pm in hill top. This mahadeepam where you can watch in many TV Channels in live also.

    Let this deepam brings U brightened and enlightened life like the light of Lamp…
    Wish U all happy karthigai deepam..

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