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Thread: Baby Diapers or the Cloth Napkins?

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    Baby Diapers or the Cloth Napkins?

    Hi mums of little ones. According to you people which one is better to use for newborn babies. Will it be baby diapers or you would prefer to use cloth napkins?

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    Well both of them have its own advantages and disadvantages. Like baby diapers are always easy to use and the best thing about diaper is that you donít have to keep cleaning your baby every time they urinate or potty. But at the same time it has got some disadvantages like it is pretty costly to use. And when we talk about cloth napkins they are reusable and easy to maintain. But even it has got some disadvantage like it does not have the capacity to absorb more water so you need to change it every time it gets wet. So I feel when you are in home you can use cloth napkins and while traveling you can use baby diapers.

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    baby diaper is best rather than cloth Napkins because these you can find best quality of baby diapers that make your baby comfortable and happy. You no need to change diaper again and again like cloth napkins..

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    Wink Baby Diapers or Cloth napkins


    Disposable diapers and cloth napkins both have their advantages and disadvantages. Disposable ones are easy to use but costlier, while cloth napkins are cheaper in the long run , though you need to get them washed or wash them regularly.
    Diapers are more convenient, while cloth nappies are reusable. There is also an impact on environment due to disposable diapers.
    Got good info from below link :



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