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Thread: things to do while babysitting kids

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    things to do while babysitting kids

    Hey I am 21 years and I have 3 nieces and 1 nephew, and we stay with my dad and most of times my dad leave home for weeks in his work and we have to stay home alone. And I have to babysit them and they are very playful and I have very hard time taking care of them. Can you please tell me few things to do while babysitting them please they love to play outdoor most of time after school. And it my job taking care of them few good tips will help a lot to babysit them.

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    Okay just stay relaxed, if they love to play outdoor let them play its good for them and try and look for few educational games that you can teach them. And try to seat and share things with each other about the day. And why donít you take them for a walk to the park, they are kids and they always love to have fun and play along with friends and toys let them be free and playful.

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