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Thread: Unrealistic view of my daughter!

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    Last year my daughter's 2nd grade teacher asked my daughter's class what their dads do for a job.when she got to my daughter my daughter told her teacher"my dad's job is to love my mom." the other day my daughter asked my husband what he did for a living.my husband told her"i'm living on your mom's love and your mom is living on my love for her"my daughter asked"you guys get paid for that?" my husband responded"in many ways yes." my husband went on and explained to my daughter"that to truly live is to truly love and be truly loved." now my daughter is convinced that my husband's only job is to love me and make money doing it,i can not convince her other wise. will these statements my husband makes to my daughter about love make her have an unrealistic view on love and make her think she needs a man to love her in order to live?

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    She will eventually learn the truth. Its not a bad thing for her to think that... cause the root of it is mommy and daddy love each other, not all kids have that piece of mind these days.

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    Its sofunny of what your husband has inculcated in her mind but when sh'll be mature she will understand that.

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    your husband told truth her daughter about love. i understand your problems but don't worry your daughter when she will be mature she will understand by own. because which person understand the love they are understand the everything. I'm sure your daughter will be a good daughter.

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    Y would you have a problem with what your husband sed to ur daughter....
    I mean all kids live in fairytakle land... atleast she feels proud of u guys

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    yaa It is a gud joke........anyways i like it..full of fun


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