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Thread: "Do it yourself" divorce!

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    My wife and I are working on a "do it yourself" no-contest divorce. We earn a modest income and cannot afford lawyers. I purchased the book "Divorce Yourself: The National Divorce Kit". I read one sentence that said if one of the partners had a previous divorce then we cannot do a "do it yourself" divorce. Is that true? What do I need to include in my divorce papers if I have had a previous marriage and divorce?


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    I don't think a previous marriage has any bearing on your current situation. I've been divorced before, and am getting ready for yet another divorce. My sister was married and divorced three times, and she was able to do one of those "do it yourself" divorces. But in matters like these, it never hurts to get legal advice!

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    please dont make the mistake of a do it yourself divorce. you are already in muck..dont let it get all over you. contact a good divorce lawyer and there are a number of them . My lawyer was good. her name is pallavi and number is 9845141610. I want to help as many people as possible..after my bad marriage and most comfortable divorce.

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    Why don't you are trying to solve your problems by discussion. It is not a good decision to opt for divorce. You can also get counseling services from lawyers and professional counselors to solve the dispute. Divorce in India has also got an abnormal increment in last few years.

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