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Thread: Me and my husband did a very bad thing....! what to do now?

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    Thumbs down Me and my husband did a very bad thing....! what to do now?

    Me and my husband rrely have no time to have sex durign the week because our two sons (10 and 8) keeping us and we both are working so busy during the week. The only time we could spend some time together is during weekend after lunch on Saturday and when both of them go take a nạp So then we have about 2-3 hours before they wake up again.
    During this 2-3 hours, me and my wife try to connect intmacy together. Well, today while wwe were total naked, my wife was on top of me in our living room (we got nothing covered). Our kids are sleeping in a closed door room. Well, during our pleasure time, we heard a voice of our 10years old son "What are you two doing?"
    At this moment, we were like totally freaked out and like a stone statue. becz elder and younger both were stand front of us. We couldn't move and say anthing while he and his brother were standing only a few feet from us. So within 30 seconds, I grabed my clothes and put on while he and his brother was still watching. So I put on my clothes then grabed her ran back to her room while her mom trying ot put clothes on.
    Now, this is so embrassing but I ahve no idea what to tell her if he asks again " What were you and mom doing?" Anyone out there had the same situtationw ith us? tell me what can i tell him when he ask again

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    Firstly I would like to advice you that every human has their own feelings in life. I understand your feelings. But then you have 2 kids who are not too very little one, they can understand very well. I dont think so they will question you on this issue. There were many options for you to make use, either you could lock the room door, send them out for playing or you could use bedsheets to have sex under it. You made a big mistake. I have no words to tell if at all they question you.... Am sorry for that...... I wish they should' nt ask you people.... If at all they question you its a " BIG SHAME".........

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    Angry :(

    that happen was at last week.
    from that day he always seemed odd to me..! i feel very shame!
    i need to bring him to a meet doctor?

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    don't worry ,They may not ask you the question again but be conscious in future

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    if they ask again , yet i can tell them , it is just love between mom & dad. & be easy as soon as possible

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