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Thread: List of Vaccination for New Born Baby

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    List of Vaccination for New Born Baby

    Can anyone of you please tell me what are the vaccinations that we need to give for new born baby? Please answer as soon as possible.

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    Here are the lists of vaccinations from day 1 till your baby is 10 years of age without fail:-

    # From day one to 2 weeks: - B. C. G., Hepatitis B First, Polio zero polio
    # In 1 and half months: - Polio (1st dose), D.P.T. 1st dose, HepatitisB 2nd, HIB Meningitis Brain Fever 1st dose
    # In two and half month: - DPT 2nd dose, Polio - 2nd dose, HIB Meningitis 2nd dose
    # In three and half month: - DPT 3rd dose, Polio 3rd dose, HIB Meningitis 3rd dose
    # In 6th month: - Hepatitis-B 3rd dose
    # In 9th month: - Measles, Polio 5th dose
    # In 15th month: - M. M. R
    # In 1st year: - Chickenpox
    # In 1 and half years: - DPT Booster, Polio Booster, HIB Meningitis Booster dose
    # In 2nd year: - Typhoid, Hepatitis A
    # In 5th year: - D T
    # In 10th year: - TT (Tetanus Toxoid)

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