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Thread: pension plans in india

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    pension plans in india


    I am going to retire this march 2012 and i want to know about the pension plan scheme &no one are guiding me perfectly and i am confused with schemes can any one give me the perfect link so i can go with the deep information on it

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    Pension Plans are Individual Plans for your future and financial stability during your old age. These policies are most suited for senior citizens and those planning a secure future, so that you never give up on the best things in life. i would like to the best link hope that will help you a lot with more detail information

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    Income is very much important in each and every individualís life, no matter how rich they are. After retirement the income stops but the expenses will grow bigger, it will never stop. It is on going process. So it is better to be prepared for the income even after the retirement to lead a stress-free retired life. To be happy even after retirement pension plan is very essential, were each and every retired person will be getting some amount every month. So that they need not depend on others after the retirement. IRDA is trying hard to enhance awareness for pension plans which are offered by the insurance companies. The pension plans are the healthy plans which look into the forth coming days and years or the future. They predict the financial stability during the old age.

    Hope it helped!!

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