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Thread: Problems with ATM withdrawal amount

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    Problems with ATM withdrawal amount

    Where and to whom shud I complaint if I have problem with ATM, yesterday I went to draw 2000/- bugs I dnt receive my money but I got receipt telling you have debited 2000/-Rs… I got pissed off and waited for 10mnts over there again I tried inserting card I got my money immediately…. People who facing this problem, where will they complain??

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    You have to immediately call up on the customer care number, if the security available near ATM u can ask for his help; he will be one of the proofs for that incidence … if not You can immediately go to particular bank and register a complaint against it.

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    Yes I had same kind of experience few days back, I was supposed to withdraw 10K after entering the amount it showed that your transaction is successful… but the money i got was only 6000, the awful thing was that I was unable to withdraw the full amount as desired. And I immediately contact the customer support care and I got an immediate solution, I was then a little happy.

    You can also share some experiences like this.

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