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Thread: Top Dating Questions for Singles

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    Common guys & gals I want to hear everyone of you. give us some nice ideas and then probaly we will rate the best and the worst dating questions.

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    do u like dating..this will be my question ??

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    questions? man you need to clarify.

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    Please reply

    I am going on a dating with my friend whom I knew from couple of months, I never felt nerves will talking to her. Since I donít want to make a mess in my first date, I would like to know about few things that I should be aware of hope I will find some decent advices.

    What do I do when I see her face to face for the first time on a date?

    What do I talk about? And what should I avoid talking about?

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    Thumbs up Dating tips.

    1st Date- Dress decent, clean and always smell good. Keep it simple. If you are a shy guy or does not like to talk much, movie can be a good option, since you guys both are listening and movie can give range of topics to talk. If you are a outdoorsy guy can ask for a walk to the beach. Do compliment on her dress or clothes or something. Make sure the compliment is sounds genuine.
    2nd Date- Make her comfortable with. Try to gain trust of her. Try not to take advantage of girl at any point. Most girls like talking day to day topics like fav food, color, dress. Ask her simple question about the town or the area where she is from.
    3rd Date- As the dating progresses watch her moves, habits and hobby's. You can start becoming more friendly. Tease her in a good way the way she walks or talks or something specific and funny about her. Make her laugh. Sense of humor is the biggest weakness of women.
    4th Date on wards- Now henceforth you have to decide how to carry on the relationship. Bring her small gifts every time you meet, could be just chocolates. Her fav things. Listen carefully what she says about her likes, women do not like to repeat those things and do bring her next time you meet.
    Ask her some simple favors, to see how helpful and responsive she is relationship. If she likes you she will try to make you happy as well, may be by cooking your fav dish for you? Feeding you while eating together in restaurant?
    Over time as you build relationship, ask her questions, can do this or will you get offended by it? Take her to the beach and ask her if you can kiss her? If she says yes, then kiss her and say, i was going to kiss you anyways. If she says no, do not get mad or angry, just say okay and move on, keep it for another day. Men love chasing women. So keep going until she says yes, may be on the next date. Be confident always. When walking together always open door for her, watch where you guys walking together, if there is a ditch in front of her, give you way so she can go first and then you follow. Give sweet simple surprises. Women love old fashioned love letters on piece of paper, make sure you keep writing them.

    Note:- Try to avoid topic with can bring in conflicts like politics, religion or anything crazy. Do not get obsessed or possessive about a girl. You will get better at handling women over time and experience. Goodluck!

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    Hey jadhav,

    You can follow the tips which prakash said, those are really good. I would like to add some more to it, here it goes;

    When you meet her for the first time be positive in your approach, be loyal. Praise about her beauty then she will be very happy.
    Tell her what all things you like and donít. Then ask her the same.

    These are two major things which i would like to add upon. Hope it helped!!

    All the best!!!

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