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Thread: Consumer complaint against dentist - help needed

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    Consumer complaint against dentist - help needed

    My daughter is currently undergoing a dental treatment with a doctor for teeth alignment using braces. The doctor to whom the clinic belongs is a prosthodontist and she has referred my daughter to an orthodontist who visits the clinic from time to time. Typically, the doctor simply informs us by phone when the orthodontist comes and we visit her accordingly. Last week, I missed an appointment because of some confusion with the dates. When I visited the doctor's clinic to get a fresh appointment, the doctor (the orthodontist to whom the clinic belongs) began to abuse me verbally. I got upset and walked out of the clinic. Later, I revisited the clinic with my husband intending to get the fresh appointment. But, she was very very abusive. (Her pretext was that she got upset because I called her three times on her mobile when she was working with a patient - I did this because she had herself asked me to give her a call previously).
    Anyways, we then had a meeting with the orthodontist at the clinic. The orthodontist and myself agreed that we have no problems working with each other. However, the prosthodontist to whom the clinic belongs now tells me that she will not allow treatment to continue in her clinic and that I have to take my daughter elsewhere for the treatment. I have already paid 11,000/ for the treatment so far. I have also heard that no other dentist will agree to resume work done by one doctor, in which case I may have to go in for a new treatment altogether.
    I would now like to approach the consumer court for the crude behavior and the violation of terms done by the dentist. Can anyone in the forum please help me with this? I shall be very grateful for the same.
    Thank you.

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    Hi Dear,

    This is a very crucial problem to sort out at this stage. You have spent 11,000 which is not a less amount and as you said no other doctors would take up the incomplete work. The orthodontist is agreed to complete the work and you can speak to the doctor who was abusive towards you. You have all the rights to question her what the hell is her problem and why is she not agreeing for the treatment. You have not done any crime against her so she has to agree for it. If she is still abusive towards you, you can definitely consult the court for justice. Your daughter health is very important, so don't give up, go ahead.

    Good Luck....

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