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Thread: How Many Calories Is In Tea

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    How Many Calories Is In Tea

    I intake Tea for more than 4 cups in a day, that is my very big time pass at home, I dono its because of consuming tea I have put on weight and I have Blood sugar too…
    I have also read some articles on Tea it had mentioned that consuming tea keeps heart disease away, is that true?? Does Tea liquid have calorie content in it??
    Kindly someone answer my question.

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    Consuming 1 cup of tea is very good to health, and even the article u read is right it keeps heart disease away.
    So stop taking 4cups of tea, instead consume 2cups Green tea regularly it helps in burning calorie and keep u fresh too.

    The Regular Tea contains Calories count of 29 & 0.5% fat for 1 mug

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    1 teaspoon of sugar 18calorie
    1 cup of skim milk 10calorie

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    Excess of anything is harmful so first of all reduce your 4 cups of tea to 2 cups or if you can to 1 cup a day. If will not harm you and if you can use green tea instead of normal tea then it will add to the benefits.

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    Yup I agree with all the replies mentioned here!!

    “TOO MUCH IS TOO BAD” & “TOO MUCH IS TOO MUCH” remember these Quotes and act according to it.

    Few health benefits of Tea:-
    * Drinking Tea keeps us hydrated
    * Drinking Green tea can reduce hypertension risk
    * It lowers the stress of hormone
    * Keeps heart disease and stroke away

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    Only the soya milk calories, n depending on how much soya milk u will added.

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    Rather than taking normal tea, Take green tea it good for health. I think its good for those with cholestrol too.

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    Yeah emilya,
    Intake of Green tea helps human body to be healthy in various ways like

    1. Lowers Cholesterol level
    2. Strengthens the Oxygen blood vessel
    3. Reduces Depression
    4. suppresses appetite
    5. Prevents Decade tooth
    6. Recommended for Heat and cancer patient

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