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Thread: Passport in Tatkaal

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    Passport in Tatkaal

    Hi i need to apply for passport in Tatkaal , please give me the document details and procedure with address info for Hyderabad location & who are eligible persons for signature? is the high school HM is eligible for signature?

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    Tatkaal Service is a scheme available to passport applicants who need their passports urgently Passport office department need minimum of 4-5 working days between the date
    of your Tatkaal submission and the required data of delivery. Expect in medical emergencies 1-2 days Depending on police verification, the passport-issuing authority could grant
    a full-validity passport 10 years and short validity passport (1 or 2 years), in response to Tatkaal requests
    It takes 5-10 days if applied with an additional 1500 Rs fee.
    It takes 10-35 days or more if applied with an additional 1000Rs fee.

    Form that required
    Verification certificate
    photo graph of the applicant
    Electors Photo Identity Card
    SC/ST/ OBC Certificates;
    Rations Cards;
    Pension Documents such as ex-servicemen's Pension Book/Pension Payment order, ex-servicemen's Widow/Dependent Certificates, Old Age Pension Order, Widow Pension Order;
    Railway Identity Cards;
    Income Tax Identity (PAN) Cards;
    Bank/Post Office Passbooks;
    Student Identity Cards issued by Recognized Educational Institutions;
    Driving Licenses; and
    Birth Certificates issued under the RBD Act.

    Shri Srinivas Gotru , I.F.S
    Regional Passport Officer
    Regional Passport Office,
    Kummaraguda, Secunderabad - 500 003.
    Fax: 040 - 27705656
    Hyderabad Passport Office Enquiry Number - 079-26309103, 26309104

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    thanks Vivanta ,who are eligible persons for signature in tatkaal (for surety) ? is the high school headmaster is eligible or not ?

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    My pleasure dear.....

    An engineer is very much eligible. I guess head master is also eligible but not sure.

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    thanks for again vivanta

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