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Thread: Maxfort is the worst school in Dwarka

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    Lightbulb Maxfort is the worst school in Dwarka

    I have an experience as a parent and as well as a teacher there , this school MAXFORT is worst school i have ever seen in my life, childrens and teachers are very badly treated in this school, some people says Rather saying Maxfort its MAXF**K..... Indeed the head mistress and the JYPL leader is one of the corrupted staffers of this school. i will always suggest to all innocent people to not to go in this school.

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    Hi prityberagi,

    I am very sad to hear such explanation from you. Firstly I want to know about the problem that you had with the school and the staff working there.

    I have experienced with the school.This school is five years old. The first batch of students started in the year 2006-07. Fifth academic year is on. The school proudly claims to have a highly trained faculty. They are constantly initiating new training programs wherein the teachers get a chance to continuously evolve, keeping in mind the ever changing needs of todayís children. My son is very much happy studying in this particular school and the staffs are pretty descent.

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    Hi Prity,

    It is quite disappointing to hear that you had a worst experience with the school. With that particular incident, we cannot say that the entire school and its management are worse. The managing authority may be in a position to react in that situation.

    If you faced such problems, you can share with the management in the New Parent’s Orientation Programme which is going to be held on 17th March, 2012. This is mainly to create a good rapport between the parents and the faculty members focusing on the welfare of their children. Don’t conclude yourself! If we are forced to find out the good and bad of every institution, we can list the bad than the good things. So, try to come with a solution for your problem in the New Parent’s Orientation Programme.

    Please do review the parents’ opinions and suggestions that are posted in the official website. Above that, you can get opinions about the school management from the parents' point of view!

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    Hi prity.
    I have same views as you have and since you have worked here,yoy know pretty well why people are praising the school.i just want to say...please stop writing things you dont mean.at leastyou can save other kids and parents from suffering.i too have taught here and have faced the JYPL's rude behavior and headmistress's non stop nagging.she only knows how to draft a speech.she doesnt know how to manage a school.it is going down and down.those who arenot honest with there opinions here....just ask your heart if what you are doing ia right?

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    i am a teacher at maxfort school, dwarka and have been a consistent member of the Maxfort team for the past several years. my experience with the head mistress and jypl has been very pleasant and enrichening. i am shocked to read some teacherss remark which are merely gimmicks to malign her character and plays to give vent to her frustration. she has mentioned that the headmisstress and jypl is rude i would like to ask her how can a leader be corrupt and still remain at her coveted post in the school. as nothing is hidden from the eyes of the management. as far is been rude is concerned there were certain deadlines set for various kinds of work delegated to the teachers which had to be met to ensure the smooth running of the school. these were for the benefit of the children and in case wee not met the leaders were humane enough to extend it in case of genuine reason. if a teacher was found shirking her responsibilites and duties without any valid reason the jypl had a legitimate reason to call that teacher and demand an explanation from her. it is incorrect to spread false rumours about someone just because of a personal grudge.....

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    Exclamation Maxfort deserve to be sued....

    Well for your kind information an efficient mother/teacher , I am continuously noticing one of your member ,so called responsible co-ordinator Neetu Singh the JYPL leader is so inefficient that ,whenever I go to fetch my son during walker dispersal she spends time on Facebook during the school hours,she is so addicted that even she doesn't bother even that parents are coming and going and they might can have a glance that what she is doing. Hatts of to your staff.... I can now imagine if JYPL leader is like that then how efficient staff can be.... Sigh.....and since a known member of your school is a neighbour of mine ,so that concerned person told me that oh it's not a new thing "yes she is addicted since she joined the Facebook...... Great .......

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    Hii all
    Instead of arguing in this forum, why donít you parent gather together and complain about this school to the education department? At last it is your kidís life. If they dint get their basic education properly, they will struggle in future to while learning tough things. So donít make any more delays. Register a complaint about the school as early as possible.

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