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Thread: Harassing by a girl

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    Harassing by a girl

    Dear All,

    In the month of June 2011 I proposed a girl for marriage in Bengali matrimony for Nov 2011. She have accepted the request through Bengali matrimony site. She told me that the year 2011 is not good for Her. She told me that in the month of 2012 Feb as January is her birth month. I agreed and booked my ticket for her City. Then she told me she cannot marry before 1 year as she have joined in a organization in her city and she have bond for 1 year and she cannot break that bond. I agreed and came to her city and we did our marriage registration. Just after marriage registration she informed that she cannot start matrimonial life before 2 year as she is going to do Masters. I came to my city of work and she continued to stay with her parents .But every month I requested her for to come with me for start family. But after 6 month she asked for break up again giving reason that I am not ready for social marriage and informed me that she have already chosen new life partner and she have resigned from her job . But now where is the Bond. And she have mentioned she cannot wait for lifetime for me. Then she have filed a case against me for null and void but court reject that petition after hearing to both of us. Then I offered for social marriage in the month of Baishak, May 1012. But she is saying again she cannot marry because she is busy with studies.

    Kindly help what will be my legal step. As Its disturbing a lot and I am not able to concentrate on my work.

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    Only solution for your problem is, just quit her from your heart, as per your above quote this is only solution I can suggest.
    All these days she has just flirted with u, if she had loved u truly there wouldn’t be chances for these incidence.
    Advice for u is don’t trust people blindly!!

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