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Thread: Earthquake in Bangalore 11th April 2012

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    Unhappy Earthquake in Bangalore 11th April 2012

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Nandini. Did you guys see the earthquake between 2.15 to 2.30pm. Oh my Gosh, I could feel the shake and rushed out from my office... It's was ridiculous... God save us from this natural calamities.....

    Only you can do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh My Kadavule!!

    It is a first time that I have experienced in my whole life... still I am feeling the same like shaking. Please write your experience also...

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    Hi Nandini,

    Even i am from Bangalore and could feel the same. I suppose it lasted for some 30 sec. First i thought that i am feeling imbalanced but soon when i realized that it is earthquake i started to shiver. I pray and hope that all is well.

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    My first earthquake experiance in my life

    Yes Nandini even we are faced the same experience, happened at my office.we all are run away from my office for 10 mins...Really its a great experience.

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    This is the first time; I felt what an earthquake is? I was on a call at that time. I thought that; in order to disturb me, my friend was shaking the chair. Then I felt itís not because of her; itís because of earthquake. I told my friend who was on call that its earthquake and I cut the call. All of them in my office were rushed to the road. Still now I can feel that my inner soul is shivering because of that.

    Please keep your fingers crossed!

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    World is ending!

    The last time a earthquake of this magnitude hit Sumatra, there was massive tsunami. that was in 2004! hope history doesn't repeat itself!

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