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Thread: electrolux ac 1 ton price

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    electrolux ac 1 ton price

    Hi i would like to get the electrolux 1 ton ac for my new house, we will be moving to our new house in this month, and i want fix an ac in my parents room. Since its summer and it's very hot i though it will be nice to fix and ac in their room i would like to know the pice of the electrolux 1 ton ac before i buy it. if any of guys can help me out with the price of the electrolux ac it will help me buying it, please share any Information you know about the electrolux ac.

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    Hi i recently got the Electrolux Split AC 1Ton-3Star Rated ac in the gadgetsguru.in online shopping website the model nunber is EPS33.CDL1-CR i got this ac for Rs. 18100.00 i felt its worth it and got this ac and i have given my suggestions to you if you like it then you can buy the same model or you can visit the same website to other models as well. happy shopping..!

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