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Thread: All Time Favourite Telugu Movies

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    All Time Favourite Telugu Movies


    Hey I am collecting all time hit movies from all languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil finally now I am looking for telugu movies kindly any of you help me in finding some hit movies in telugu please...

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    Hi There many films which is super duper hit in all times but I dont remember all at once now but I can help you out few which will help in your collection..

    1. Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav
    2. Tagore
    3. Shiva
    4. Basha
    5. Jamba Lakidi Pamba
    6.Sagara Sangamam
    7) Swarnakamalam
    9)Thoorpu Sindhooram
    10) Srutilayalu

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    As per my opinion you guys have missed many brilliant movies such as parugu, athidi,murari, arya 2, happy,King and kick! jagadheka veerudu atholoka sundhari, rowdy alludu,gharana moogudu, gangleader, abhilasha, challange, kondaveeti donga there are many.... I dont remember If I get ill let you know

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    hey you people missed these movies which also a all time hit on those days...

    Bobbili Raja
    Govinda Govinda
    sorry indra

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    I like the movie Daddy its a real feeling of a daughter and the father... Its really a heart melting story... a fight between mom and dad a kid will be suffering without a dad and her mom will tell that her dad has expired... when the time comes for his last breathing she will come to that he is her dad that scene will be really nice every one will be bursting out with tears... must watch it ...

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