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Thread: Electrolux AC price in Chennai

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    Electrolux AC price in Chennai

    Hi friends,

    You all knew well about the summer in Chennai. I just wanna stay cool in this summer by buying AC in my home. But I’m little bit confused which AC should I buy, i.e. Window AC or Split AC?

    Can anyone give me, the price list of both Window and Split AC in Electrolux in Chennai?

    Waiting for your replies!!!

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    The price list of both Split and Window AC of Electrolux are follows:

    Electrolux Split AC:

    EA09SCRSW3/WH – 13,200
    EA12SCRDA1 – 17,000
    EA18SCRDA1 – 18,500
    EA12SCRPA1/WH – 19,000
    EA12SCRLA1/H – 19,500
    EA24SCRDA1 – 24,500
    EA18SCRPA1/H – 24,500

    Electrolux Window AC:

    Premium 0.8 T EA09WCRPWH – 8,800
    Premium 1.0 T EAW12CRPWH – 12,000
    Premium 1.5 T EA18WCRPW1 – 13,500
    Oxigen 1.5 T EA18WCRXW1 – 17,500
    Premium 2.0 T EAW24WCRPW1 – 20,100

    You can visit the nearest outlets and buy your favorite one as per your needs! Enjoy this summer!!!

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