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Thread: Passport Enquiry

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    Respected Sir,

    My file reference number : hyd-a375229-10 .
    C.No : 26835
    sl.No: 42
    page no: 02
    secret no: 620

    I have applied for the passport on 19 november 2010, I got police
    verification on 25 december 2010, my status on web is showing that
    "police report has not been received. " Since last 15 months approx. I
    had to go out of india for some technical training in the month of
    november, but due to careless attitude of passport department,
    unfortunately I missed this opportunity, I have lost a golden chance
    of my career. I have submitted my request on 10 january 2012 to
    deliver my passport as soon as possible to passport regional officer
    but no one is listening to me. I don't know how long they will take to
    deliver my passport. It's very urgent for me. I don't know to whom I
    need to contact.

    If you can help me out,,,,,please do so .

    Thanks & regards,
    Abdul Lathef Shaik

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    Please don't worry. Ill guide you the right procedure. Since you have not specified your place i am sharing a link for your reference below. Fill the required fields to know the status of your passport.


    Good Luck!

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    passport enquiry

    I want to know, did u get your passport or still it is pending, if so, you can directly do to the passport issuing office with all you documents and collect from there

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    Hey All,

    I think he got some sort of solution, so only he dint even bothered to revert... so if it happens what can be the solution can any one guide....

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