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Thread: Weekend Bike Trips From Bangalore

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    Weekend Bike Trips From Bangalore

    Hello Guys!!

    I love long drive on bikes with my guy!! he rides cool and smashingly.... He is also new to bangalore and also me... we are not aware with the places in bangalore can any one guide me please.. It will so helpful for us Thanx a ton in advance....

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    Hey Aqua!!

    Even I love to go on long drives in bike.. me and my guy goes for ride on every weekend I will suggest you the places where we used to go for rides.... Enjoy!!
    Nandi hills
    Nice road
    Chickmangloor. many places are nearby bangalore.

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    Yea i love doing that. Please allow me to add a couple of places we have visited to the list already given here.
    1) Chikamangalur (highly recommended) this is the place from where cofee beans for CCD comes. People are damn nice here. our car broke down here and people were awesome. Briliiant ride all through the journey. Luckily we had a cloudy weather so we enjoyed it a lot
    2) savandurga if you up for some trekking, Lot of fun with groups of people though.Not commercialised at all so amazing fun. U dont see too many people. And the climb is beginning level too.
    3) hogenakal dam

    thats all that comes to my mind right now. Wear pillion helmets and a have a safe journey

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    @ hitesh,

    yeah you are right mangloreans are so soft they treat us so well when we required some kind of help. They are very helpful

    @ AquaGurl ,

    you can enjoy riding in these places Bandipur, Nagarhole, Ranganthittu, Coorg, Shimoga, Chickmangloor...

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