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Thread: Need Some expert advice on Divorce.

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    Need Some expert advice on Divorce.

    Hi i am from tamilnadu , and i have got married on july 2010 . i am commerce graduate and the girl whom i was married to was a doctor , before the marriage itself she was studying her post graduate . I have allowed her to continue her studies after marriage too . She was studying in a college nearly 5 to 6 hours travel from my home place and i will go and be with her in the weekends . our marriage has lasted for 6 to 7 months with some problems now and then . After 6 to 7 months one big problem came and we seperated and since then there is no contact between us . I am looking after our own bussiness which is not doing that much good . and the girls side they are also well to do and they have no problem with money . i am not earning as i am looking after the bussiness of my fathers . i have to take the money from my dad only for expenses . i dont have any asset on my name . i have tried to talk the girls father and mother what is their plan but they are not cooperating . still talking about the old problem and not coming to any conclusion . only thing they are asking me is give the jewels we have put to you and my daughter , and i am very much ready to give the jewels and everything but i want mien which i meant is the thali and some jewels i have put. but if i ask about that they wont pick up the phone or they dont answer at all . we have tried to convince them whether they want to make the girl live with me or they want divorce .
    No reply from them . because of this problem i cant concentrate on anything . i am really very much stressed out . the burden in my mind is very very huge . already i am having more problems in my bussiness , already our bussiness is in trouble . this gives me a great headache . i dont want that girl roaming with somebody else tying my thali . I dont want this thing going out like this . i want a divorce from this girl . What i want to know is if apply for a divorce . Is there a way she can claim some settlement from me or want some maintenance . those girl is already well off and she has got some education through which she can earn some good money . I particularly dont want to give any money to this cheater girl . i will rather go to jail by not giving money . Please guide me through this problem . I want to come out of it . This problem is taking me to hell . I dont see any honesty in nowadays girls . I think we are also getting in to western culture . whatever i am not in to this game i want to stay with our culture . please help me .


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    Hi william!!

    I do understand your problems... Nowadays every where you go money talks... as you mentioned here u dont want her to roam with your thali... are you sure that she is roaming with some one.. en appadi solren na pakkama etheyum mudivu panna kudadhu!! you got it what I am trying to tell... once she got married with you thats it she belongs to you completely... why her parents are interrupting with your family matter... its my humble advice dont try to go behind them any more they will think cheap of you!! finally talk to your wife and ask her whats her decision and if possible may I know your big problem.... y am i asking is I may give some solution to solve your problem... rest leave it to god he will take care... calm ma irunga... work mela concentrate pannunga!! time kku seriya sappidunga aavurudhu ellam nalladhukku nenaichi konga.... anything you want to discuss feel free to share with me...

    Bye tc

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    Hi man,

    Feels very bad, happened with you.
    First see the problem what is that ? Is she also not willing to live with you, its not enough for divorce that you won't live together.......

    man understand u NEED TO PROVE IT

    Just start to send her love sms and gradually start to talk and know what she want.......
    Legally if she is with you,,,, her parents are meant nothing in between your relation.

    Just think positive avoid the consequences from misuse of DV, Dowry, other gender biased law.


    keep in touch...

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    By the word of mouth no one should believe and blame on others. Did you ever confirm your wife was with someone or someone insisted that she had done like that. This is completely wrong. Please think wise and take the decision. Divorce is not the solution for your problem. By taking no decision you may lose your wife and that is equal to your life.

    So speak out to your wife and sort out your problem.

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    Hi friend,

    First and the foremost thing what you should do is - talk to her about all the problems between you two. If she is convincing, then it is ok. You can start your life again peacefully, forgetting the past. If not, consult an advocate for getting divorce. Don’t go behind her instead move legally to get justice.

    Think that, “Things happen for a reason”. Put aside your problems. Concentrate in your career and achieve in it. All the best!

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    Thanks for all your replies . But i dont know she is roaming with somebody else or not , but i am having that feeling . You people nowadays know how medical college girls are . she has got out of a very costly medical college from chennai and she is doing her PG in a college in another place . I have no contact with her till now after that problem . She has changed her mobile number , till today i dont know her mobile number , she has banned me from visiting her facebook page . she has closed her email id , because of all this i have tried to contact her in person in her hostel . but she didnt want to talk with me , so i immediately got off from that place . Then i have contacted their parents about this , they assured me that we will talk about this after her studies or over , so i have left this matter silently . Now she has completed her studies , now i have contacted them , they told me she is telling she is willing to study again , i really got pissed off . i have told her father so your daughter doesnt like to live with me . so what i am telling now , we shall sort out the problem amicably by getting mutual divorce . he immediately told me give me some time , give me some time . i got angry and told him that , i have already given u more than 1 year 4 months time u still asking me time , i dont know what to say . so immediately kept the phone . now if i call him he is not picking up the phone for more than 1 month now . This people i dont know . they are unbelievable . Please god save me from this torcher .

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    William, now its clear that she is influenced with parents......they are instigator for situation which u are facing,,,

    You may take some cast elders with you and then talk for mutual divorce !!!!!!!!!!!!111

    its 100 times better then legal proceeding.

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    Hey kanewilliam,

    So nice of you man, you had told that you will follow the Indian culture, i like that word. Being a man uttering this word is really good. Don’t mistake me, not all the girls are like that; but there are some in this way. The problem with you is your wife right, then talk to her; because, sometimes lack of communication may lead to misunderstandings. Make sure you guys solve the problem right at the initial stage itself, or else it will create a huge gap between you both. As far as you can talk to your wife, her parents and resolve the problem immediately, instead of going for divorce. I think her parents are encouraging her to do all these things, so it will be better for you to make her stay away from them.The Indian culture do not encourage divorce, so be wise and as far as possible try to lead a happy marital life with her.

    Hope you understood!!

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