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Thread: Buses in delhi

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    Buses in delhi

    With development going on in delhi buses, do you think we should travel more in delhi buses?

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    Yes Obviously!!
    It is must to travel in well equipped Delhi Govt buses for global warming!!

    The Red buses which is being newly introduced to Delhi city brings bright and charming smile on daily travelers, coz previously due to lack of Bus service people miss out all their appointments and they tend to reach office on time. Now I donít see any such problem in Delhi.

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    development in buses

    celebrity_shalini, i agree with what you are saying as i at times feel that red buses are more comfortable than my own car. i donot have to drive, also i dont have to think about parking and above all it is air conditioned also. what else is needed.

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    Before traveling in buses were like HUH!!! Mein kya karooo. Students, working people old aged people etc were suffering a lot to travel in the heavy traffic. But now it seems to be very much better in Red buses. I love traveling in them. Hope all have the same opinion on these buses.

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    Hi All,

    I think now delhi buses are more comfertable and frequent.

    But on some routes still old buses are running so for these people very difficult to travek in such kind on buses.

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    Old buses must be completely replaced with new buses and every person enjoys traveling in red buses and feels the comfort and excitement. Let's wait for it and enjoy.

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    Yup, there are old buses running in few roads of Delhi, but there conditions are not as such it was b4Ö it takes bit time to develop entire cityÖ. Letís wait

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